Katie is everything you’d hope for when looking for a fitness professional. Her holistic approach to helping people separates her from the field as she is able to understand how the mind is working with or against the body.
— Dario, Burlingame

Katie is a marvelous trainer. As a wellness professional, she is knowledgeable, focused and attentive. She is also an exceptionally talented, gifted, upbeat, and inspiring soul. The combination is dynamite. She has a way of building both body and spirit. Under her guidance, you will get a great workout every time and you will look forward to the next one, I promise!”
— Mary, Palo Alto

MWK podcasts help me stay focused
daily while I maneuver through a full
day as a wife, Mom, and Googler! I never
thought I would be able to slow down
enough to learn how to meditate but with
Katie’s podcast, meditation is now part of my
daily self-care routine. Those five minutes
each morning are nutrition for my soul!”
— Gloria, San Mateo
After serving in the military for three decades, adjusting to civilian life has been a struggle. My old career left me dealing with a roller coaster of emotions. Listening to Katie’s meditations has
helped alleviate negative self-thought as well as improve my self-care routines to improve my well-being.
— Rex, Oakland
It is so refreshing to listen to Katie’s podcasts, which spare the fluffy speech while delivering
both education and a moment of calm in concise
snippets that even the busiest of us can squeeze
into our day. What is so great about Katie doing
these podcasts is that she really lives her practice
so she’s not just blowing smoke. She’s a fitness
and nutrition expert and has used the techniques
she has learned to heal her own body and mind.
Despite appearing perfect on the outside and
super well-adjusted on the inside, Katie faces
life challenges just like the rest of us. Her willingness to reveal this deeply human side of
herself is truly what sets Katie apart from the rest
of the healthy living pack. She uses all that she
has learned about the body - how to treat it and
how to feed it - to overcome emotional and
physical trauma, illness, and injury. Best of all, Katie shares her knowledge with a level of enthusiasm, generosity, and human kindness that
reveals her passion for bringing wellness to
— Andrea, Encinatas